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Ever since I started making jewelry, I'm pretty easy to buy for as far as gifts are concerned. I love getting tools and was hoping Santa would bring me a drill set (he did) amongst other things. But one gift that made me laugh out loud with delight was the 4 piece floral tool set, a present from my DH who has a wonderful sense of humor.

More and more women today are able to do basic household repairs and DIY home decor. The popular home tv channels may have something to do with it. There are also many divorced/widowed/single women who have no choice but to learn to be handy in the home. Tool manufacturers have thus responded by coming out with lightweight power tools designed for smaller hands. Evidently, they also think that women like theirs feminized too!

I can't wait to use the scissors, tape measure and hammer at workshops! They make great conversation pieces. The hammer and screwdriver unscrew to reveal more parts making this a very handy basic pair to have of my own for the house. It will save me having to rummage through DH's tool box. Hmmm, perhaps that's why he bought me these....
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  1. Maybe he's more possessive about his own tools than you realized! :)

  2. LOL! I agree with Bette. I always use hubby's tools too. Both of us like to browse the tools section and he always suggest I got myself this and that and I will always answer, we (or rather "you") already have that...hehe!
    But I don't mind this floral tool set at all :) Pretty!

  3. Really nice set. I'm finding that the more tools I gather for myself, the more they get borrowed. Expecially the box cutter and scissors.

  4. Oh yes, you're right! Your DH must have a wonderful sense of humor.
    Because I am single, I must have my own tools and no one borrows them. But I got used to tools since my childhood, because my father had many of them. :-)
    Happy New Year to you all!


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