Have you been wearing lovely jewelry for formal get-togethers over the holiday season? Or even now plotting what to wear for a New Year's Eve party? Here's one glamour product that popped up on the internet - stick on jewelry for grown ups! NEWD is an Italian jewelry design firm selling these Skin Jewels which you can peel and stick just about anywhere and I mean anywhere. As they said on their website, it is a "wireless world of freedom" but they forgot to mention underwire boosts!

There are five collections - GOLD, SILVER, MY BONES, MY STONES and FASHION. There are both precious metal as well as plated pieces. The stones collection features real gemstones or coloured Swarovski crystals.

The company's research division developed Skin Touch, a new adhesive which is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is very easy to apply. I wish they would sell sheets of this stuff because I could see a lot of people including jewelry artisans who could use it for designs like brooches which can thus be applied without pins or chains.

NEWD in colloboration with Irene Pivetti also launched the Learn to be Free charity project which promotes the culture and professional training of young people from developing cultures. The proceeds from two of their collections, the MY BONES and MY STONES, go towards scholarships for deserving young people who otherwise would not be able to get a proper education.

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