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Betty brought this gemstone pendant to a workshop. It was a gift so now she needed to make a necklace to match. I really am not sure but I think this is a jasper. The swirling hues on this gorgeous gemstone give it so much character.

This was Betty's first experience at designing so it was inevitable she made a few false starts trying to find the right beads to compliment the pendant. She kept on experimenting until she got it just right. As you can see, she really did pick out the subtleties of the gemstone using beads with white, pink and green.

Beader Design #: 445
The Beading Gem's Journal

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  1. Oooh - lovely stone pendent - pretty necklace!!

  2. Wow! That stone is gorgeous! First I thought it could be unakite with the green and red, but I don't really know what stone it is. It's just beautiful and the necklace matches perfectly. That's one of the reasons I make jewelry: you can always create a perfect match to an existing piece/pendant.


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