Any artisan who sells online will find that it's not enough to have a website. You have to work at bringing visitors to your site. Being part of a large selling site like eBay, Etsy or Dwanda might seem like a good idea in terms of incoming traffic but you're also facing enormous competition if the niche market is crowded. And it is for handmade made jewelry. You could also be active in various online social media sites to promote your jewelry but that takes time and effort.

Advertising is another way to go. Google Adwords is the best known ad campaign model where the advertiser pays for every click - Google do have the capability to detect fraudulent clicks. That said, pay per click advertising can still get costly for a lone artisan. Adwords is better suited to companies with larger advertising budgets.

An alternative advertising platform is PROJECT WONDERFUL which is more affordable. It is based on cost per day/week/month/year - what you are willing to pay for however long to advertise on a site of your choosing. Even as low a $0 or $0.01 per day. This system also totally eliminates click fraud. PW works on an auction bidding system - you bid to get space on a publisher's site. PW has all the software needed to manage ads and campaigns.

I have blog real estate space issues so I have placed only one button ad at the top left of my blog. But I have set my minimum bid requirement to $0 so if you are the only advertiser at that moment, you get to advertise for free. I can tell you that I am not after ad revenues. I've made $0.64 on PW in my first 3 weeks. The revenue can't even buy me a coffee at my local Tim Hortons! But I thought it was a great way to get the word out on more jewelry artisans than I can manage on blogging alone.

I blog mainly because I enjoy it. I do have other ad banners on the left of my blog partly to help defray my internet costs since I am such a computer addict but mostly to offer readers supply sources. There is one for pewter charms. Google Ads also serve up interesting suppliers. Check them out.
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