There are various ways to twist wire. If you are handy with a drill, you can wrap the wire around a heavy object or in a vise and insert the ends into a drill as shown in this tutorial. No drill? Then double up a length of wire and secure the ends with a vice. Insert a wooden dowel in the loop end and start twisting. There are also other relatively inexpensive tools like the Beadalon Wire Twister

In this post I will show you an easy way to twist wire using a simple tool called a pin vise. The pin vise looks like a short chunky pen. It is small, inexpensive, doesn't need electricity or much skill to use and is highly portable - a big plus for me. You can make do with just one pin vise but you have to grip the other end tightly with your pliers or use a vise. I prefer to use two pin vises for a no hassle approach with thin wire.

1. I used 22G copper wire in this tutorial. For other metals like sterling silver, use dead soft temper.
2. First cut two lengths of wire about 8-10 inches long.
3. Straighten with nylon jawed pliers if necessary. Hold one end and stroke with the pliers.
4. Loosen the pin vises by unscrewing them near the "nib" end.

nylon jaw pliers smooth wire unscrew pin vise

5. Insert both wires into one pin vise and tighten it.
6. Trim the other ends of the wires to even them and insert and tighten in the other pin vise.

insert wire pin vise

7. Note : I have used two very short pieces here to be able to take the picture.
8. Grasp both vises and twist/turn them in opposite directions.
9. Continue to twist until you get the look you want!

twist wire pin vise twisted wires

twisted wire coiled bangleTwisted wire can be used in so many ways. Substitute for common findings like eyepins, or make connectors - the possibilities are unlimited! If you turn into a wire twisting fiend, then check out this awesome bangle bracelet tutorial from Interweave. It is constructed from coiling twisted wire.

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