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If you've tried to make toggle clasp before, you would have discovered that it takes practice to get it right even with the 20G wire which is not as thick as 16 or 18G. But you have to use 20G and not anything lighter as you don't want a flimsy clasp.

Here is a solution - use twisted wire!! Using doubled lengths of 22G wires will save you from having to get 20G if you don't have any. It is much easier to handle two 22G wires than one 20G and yet you'll get a strong clasp. The twisted look is also much more forgiving which is a big bonus if you aren't an expert wire worker. Here is how I went about making one :

1. First make a twisted wire length as shown on yesterday's post - how to twist wire using pin vises.
2. Form the ring portion by wrapping the twisted wire around a cylinder like a pen shaft.
3. Make a twist to start, then complete the wire wrap.

toggle clasp tutorial twisting wire around pen toggle clasp tutorial2

4. Cut a 2 inch length of twisted wire for the toggle part.
5. Make a loop in the middle and then loops at each end.

toggle clasp tutorial 3 toggle clasp tutorial 4

6. Hold the toggle as shown in the pictures below and push down on the ends to give the toggle a pretty bowed look if you wish.

toggle clasp tutorial 5 toggle clasp tutorial 6

7. Lightly hammer both parts of the clasp to work harden it.

toggle clasp tutorial 7 toggle clasp tutorial 8

The twisted wire clasp has a delicate look and gives the perfect finishing touch with the right jewelry design like my "Pink Confection" wire work necklace shown above which was also made with copper wire.

I wish I could take credit for this idea but it comes from Catherine Wuller's book, Inspired Wire: Learn to Twist, Jig, Bend, Hammer, and Wrap for the Prettiest Jewelry Ever. This book covers basic wire work including jig work and will suit beginner wire artisans and those who prefer dainty jewelry designs.

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