Feature Designer

Many artisans do make lovely mixed media jewelry. But surely the crowned queen of mixed media artistry is Katherine Sturgis. Her hand crafted jewelry mixes and matches silver chains, silk thread, leather bands and vintage rhinestones and transforms them into the most glamorous one of a kind friendship bracelets I have ever seen. She braids and lashes them together lanyard style.

It's her eye for layering and her skill at lashing which makes her pieces so stunning. As I have said before - it`s not what you use so much as how you use it.

Did I mention she is only 28? Just imagine what the future holds for her. Right now she spends time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. She takes orders through her new website . Parts of it are still under construction but she clearly intends to market her jewelry in boutiques and I believe she will succeed with her beautiful creations.

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