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Body Jewelry Piercings in Strange Places

My highly conventional ear lobe piercings are just fine by me. But I sometimes really feel my age when I learn about new ways to puncture your body. Some time ago I discovered there were 9 places on your ears you could pierce and that there were names for them too. My past blog post has the scoop.

Ear piercings are pretty tame today. We've all seen the belly button, nose and eyebrow varieties but I bet you've not yet come across butt jewelry! Yes, jewelry to adorn those buttock cracks when you're wearing low slung pants!! Not for me though. -Via has tens of thousands of different, some really far-out, types of body piercings. One of the more unusual body modification is jewelry for webbed toes. This anatomical abnormality occurs in about 1 in 2,000 people. The soft tissue which fuses the toes together is apparently safe to pierce through so long as the type of piercing chosen doesn't impede the ability to walk. Duh. -Via

This next one is so bizarre it'll make you squeamish too - eyelid piercing. How on earth did the wearers a) go through with the piercings and b) sleep? Can they close their eyes? Surely those metal rings rub the eyeballs. Altogether now -ewww! -Via

Apparently the latest trend in counter culture circles is for truly innovative dimple jewelry. It's not enough to have cute dimples but you can make them sparkle as well! Check out this fan video of Pixie of LA Ink flashing her cheek jewelry! She is a tattoo artist and the manager of an ink shop and is responsible for launching this movement. -Via

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  1. My daughter knew a girl in high school who had that little thing that hangs down in your throat - in between the tonsils - pierced. I saw a picture of it somewhere too. UCK!!
    Although if I had the nose for it, I would have had it pierced.

  2. Wow! I never would have thought people would pierce strange places like that. I have one of the 'strange' ear piercings, my tragus on my left ear is pierced. I might do the nose someday...

    Creations by JAE

  3. Pixie is soooo cute..

  4. Cute post and your "asides" made me laugh. I've only had my earlobes pierced and only 1 hole per lobe. Though my daughters have several piercing up the sides of their ears and the belly button rings and a couple of tattoos, I'm just old fashioned and deathly afraid of needles so guess I'll always be "behind the times".

    Oh and I've caught glimpses of Kat's show before, first when she started out on Miami Ink and then when she moved out west to the land that she loved, LA. I couldn't understand why someone as beautiful as she is would want to cover themselves in tattoos, now she even has them on that beautiful face of hers. Maybe we never fully appreciate what we are blessed with?

  5. The toe and eyelid piercing took me off guard just a bit. Thank you for sharing. I love learning and reading about new ideas for piercings.


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