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Knuckle Duster Rings
Part 2 of 2

We're still in February, the month of romance. So what could be more appropriate than the Killer Engagement Ring? It is perhaps a ring for self-defense along the lines of "If I can't be there to protect you....!" The diamond is mounted upside down with the table (top flat part) below and the sharp point exposed. A wicked knuckle-duster ring indeed. The designer is Vancouver raised Tobias Wong who now designs in New York City. (no longer available).

It could also be used to scratch little love notes on glass. People used to like doing that centuries ago. Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was fond of writing with a diamond on glass windows.

Why stop at engagment rings? The woman's ring of this unusual square matching set of 14K gold wedding rings by Alex and Chloe sports not one but three inverted white diamonds! The "Holding You Forever" rings were designed for Revolved Clothing (West Hollywood) and went on sale last month. The woman's ring costs $1895 whilst the man's ring is $1805.

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  1. Thanks Bev and Bette Jo for letting me know about the Blogger problem with commenting. I've switched back to the popup version to see if it is more stable. Sigh

  2. Or it could be due to the general problems Google was having as gmail was down for a few hours earlier today.

  3. Sistren Pearl,
    Couldn't that injure someone, including the wearer?
    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  4. Very likely, Lady Roots! I'd certainly be careful with that point!

    When he was small, my brother used my mother's diamond ring to draw a line on the mirror on her cupboard. Moral of the story - never tell an inquisite little boy that diamonds can cut glass!

  5. I know who would get hurt if I had a diamond set like that - ME! I would be scratching myself all the time!
    And I would think a square ring would be uncomfortable. Maybe?

  6. The thought of scratching love notes in the glass with my engagement ring made me laugh...It's a pretty setting however!

  7. Like brass knuckles...only prettier (and infinitely more expensive) and less illegal!!


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