Allison Wells is a Canadian artisan whose creations are truly novel and playful because they allow the wearer to mix and match and rearrange the components to tell a story. Her interactive jewelry collection features caged animals and birds which can also be "freed". Her sterling silver bird cage pendants come in either 2D or 3D formats. In either case, you can wear the caged bird or wear the empty bird cage and a flock of bird pins!

She says, “My goal is to cater to everyone by providing different scenarios that appeal to all sides of an argument." She also allows the wearer to make social statements as her 3D cage pendants can also hold a human figure. Yep, you can wear a human. She offers a selection of human figures - happy, depressed, lesbian couple, African American, or even a naked human. A depressed human in a cage could represent someone who feels trapped like a captive bird!

Her sterling silver circus animal (and human) cage brooch comes as a set so wearers can interchange the occupants of the cage. See the animals on the green background below? Those are the animal pins meant to represent freed animals when the cage brooch is worn empty. For more of Allison's designs and a list of Toronto and Montreal stores which carry her work, check her website.

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