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Amazing Jewelry Made From Polypropylene Plastic

For those of us who have sniffed at plastic beads, perhaps we shouldn't be too hasty about plastic as jewelry making material.

Take a look at the amazing polypropylene jewelry by Brazil born and London based Anoush Waddington!

They are gorgeous in a surreal sort of way. Who would have guessed the light feathery creations were made from the same material we use in plastic bottles! This is flamboyant jewelry at its best for those who wish to make a fashion statement.

This remarkable designer is multi-talented and whatever she does, she accomplishes to the nth degree. She first started her creative career in the music industry including recording a no.1 hit in her native country.

She then emigrated to the UK in 1990 to pursue her Design, Metalwork and Jewelry degree and start her wearable art jewelry and fashion assessory line. Along the way, she even modelled (that's her wearing the blue creations below) and worked in the animation industry. Her outstanding couture jewelry has garnered awards and she has developed a loyal international following for her contemporary jewelry designs.


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  1. WOW! Amazing stuff. Very talented woman.

  2. As I was looking at the picture I was thinking you would see something like that at a fashion show or something. I was wondering what it would look like toned down a bit for the general public and then I saw the 2nd one from the bottom. Lovely! Talented lady!

  3. Wow, amazing! Reminds me of those fiber-optic figures that used to be so popular.

    I'm pretty sure, though, that these components aren't available in my local craft stores' acrylics aisle:-D

  4. Wowza! Those are amazing. I love the colors. Great find; thank you for sharing!

  5. I'm speechless, the beauty of these pieces is incredible. Anoush's designs are top class and like BetteJo mentioned, they'd be right at home on an avant-garde fashion runway. Also appreciate how Anoush has simplified her designs to meet more conventional fashion tastes...I love, love, love that elegant white necklace in the second photo from the bottom, GORGEOUS !!!


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