I've featured button jewelry before where artisans applied different techniques to transform pretty buttons into jewelry. Here are some more inspirational work using both holed buttons as well as shank ones. Two of these feature designers below took the time to write the tutorials to share with you how they made their great button jewelry designs.

1. Anitra Cameron from Portland, Oregon is the creative genius behind the Coffee Pot People on Etsy. She really does make the most whimsical characters from old coffee pots which show her sense of humor. This little character on the left is my favourite, one she calls "Edith, Former Madame."

She says she comes from a rampantly creative family and she amply demonstrates this herself as she also creates jewelry. She wrote in her blog, the tutorial on how she cleverly uses shank buttons to make earrings. You can see the construction process with the green earrings below.

She then followed that up with two more tutorials. The second one builds on the first. The third one shows more inspirational button earring designs as well as carrying on the process to form a bracelet.

2. Susan Beal who contributes to CraftStylish.com wrote her tutorial showing how to link buttons in three different ways. Here is one of them :

3. ZoĆ© Cotlenko's mother of pearl and brass necklace was created for the Victoria and Albert Museum's shop in London. The multi-strand necklace's rainbow two-holed buttons make this a bright and fun design which really inspires. The necklace retails for £110.00 or US$138!

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