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, a fellow Canadian and blog author of Life Through the Cracks is an avid reader of my blog. She sometimes sends me great tips. This post is one of those leads, a link to Exquisite Crystals which sells flame aura quartzes. Thanks, Daisy!

Many, if not most of the gemstones we use in jewelry making are quartzes. Perhaps it's just our human nature but we can't leave anything well alone. The aura quartzes are enhanced gemstones. The flame aura or rainbow aura quartz is created by surface coating quartz with titanium and niobium. Bonding is achieved through electrostatic charge - no heating is involved. The result is an iridescent effect which makes for a very pretty stone. The auras are popular with the metaphysical crowd. Exquisite Crystals says carrying one of the flame auras helps in "reading people".

Another aura quartz, the aqua aura is a 2006 patented process where the natural quartz is exposed to gold vapors in a process called vapor deposition. The blue stones then sport iridescent metallic sheens on the surface. Other elements can be used too like indium, titanium and copper. 

The aqua aura, according to the metaphysical sites supposedly protects against psychological attacks. You can purchase them from the Crystalcure.com. They also add, "This color-enhanced crystal is effective in stimulating the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to communicate inner truth, and to express inner emotions in a positive way.

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