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There is a saying that when in doubt, the gemstone is most likely a quartz. I haven't a clue what the name of this particular gemstone is called but it's highly likely it is a quartz. Rhondda made a beautiful necklace with the pendant. She used plenty of pretty blue and black glass beads with silver corrugated beads for contrast. She also created matching earrings in blue and black glass with sterling silver ear wires.

Did you know quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth? Several of our favorite gemstones used in jewelry making are quartzes like amethyst, agate, jasper, carnelian, tiger eye, onyx and citrine as well as the obvious rose quartz, rutilated quartx and smokey quartz.

Beader Design #: 507
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  1. That's funny, I'd always heard to call it an agate or jasper if I wasn't sure what it was! Teri

  2. Didn't know all that stuff was quartz. I might as well call my shop - All Quartz All of the Time (with some Swarovski and silver!)

  3. It actually looks like the kiwi jasper, which is like the red kiwi jasper and maybe this is the 'blue' kiwi jasper (dyed I the red)? Anyhow, beautiful necklace!

  4. I've heard agate or jasper too. Clear then quartz. But I really don't know. I get upset with myself when I forget to ask what a stone is when I purchase it. But I've found sometimes they don't really know either. (I hear agate and jasper a lot)


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