I want to wish all new readers a warm thank you for subscribing. One sent me an email earlier today and asked if I had the instructions for the beader designs numbered #506 and #507. I've not been able to send back a reply probably due to a mailbox glitch.

So this is a great opportunity to explain to everyone a little more about those numbers you see at the end of some posts. They are just a way of keeping track of the beader designs I post on this blog - 2 1/3 years worth! The vast majority of these are designs by beginners and beadaholics who come to our local jewelry making workshops - see my past post Jewelry Making Workshops at the Heritage Farm.

Debbie (Widgets' Beads), my friend and co-instructor and I enjoy guiding beaders through the jewelry design process. The emphasis is always on fun and one of a kind designs. Some beaders come unsure of their creativity. Yet, we and I am sure many readers too, are just blown away by how good their designs can be. Inspiring!

So as such, there are no set design instructions. But readers who are beginners and who don't live near us might be interested in 2 online free "courses" I have as the resident "field expert" on Su Tree. It is a fun website full of how-to videos sorted into categories. You can also see the Su Tree Widget on my right side bar which displays random jewelry making video tutorials members upload or recommend from other video sites.

The courses consist of YouTube videos I selected and grouped together in a logical fashion. They will provide you with the techniques and tool information you need to make a basic bracelet (or necklace) and earrings.You can click on the individual videos but joining Su Tree (free) displays the courses better. You can also write on my "blackboard" :

How to make a bracelet

How to make dangle earrings

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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