Cut Out and Keep is a wonderful site I stumbled upon. It is an online community which boasts over 15,000 uber creative members who "make and share step by step craft tutorials". Nicknamed CO+K, the site started as a blog back in 2001 where Cat Morlet would post her photos and craft tutorials. She started doing podcasts and by 2007, she and her partner morphed the blog into the current interactive website.

The site continues to grow with members posting pictures of their craft projects. Who knew you could decorate alligator clips, that jellyfish earrings (above) were so pretty and toothbrushes could be made into bangles? Don't know what conversation rings are? Then click here. The safety pin earrings were also fun.

Many generous members have uploaded how-tos.There are hundreds of projects to browse through. I enjoyed going through quite a range of free jewelry making tutorials. Glass Primitif on Etsy has a clever one where you encase a razor blade between two glass sheets for the coolest pendant. Knittin' Kitten shows you how to make some custom framed earrings using bottlecaps.

Below are some outstanding free beaded jewelry projects. They were submitted by Beads Unlimited (UK).

Waste Not Want Not Bracelet
At a loss what to do with all those left over, mismatched seed beads? This great even count peyote stitch project takes care of that and you get a one of a kind bracelet!

Spring Charm Bracelet
This charming bracelet with lots of dangles on a chain is a great way of putting together all your left over beads. The beaded wire flower makes for a lovely touch.

Autumn Leaves Necklace
Right angle weave and fringe your way to this lovely necklace!

Pearly Pink Jewelry Set
The hoop earrings are a cinch to do if you use the bead-a-hoop type of findings. The necklace dangles or tassels are added with needle and thread - a simple and effective technique.

Spring Necklace
This really pretty beaded multi-stranded necklace is also easy to do. The instructions explain how to use a calotte or clamshell finding to hide the knots.

St Petersburg Necklace
This lovely beaded necklace reminds me of the flat spiral stitch but it is actually done in the St Petersburg stitch.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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