Bridal Style
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Weddings in exotic places are popular these days. They make sense in many ways. Warm surroundings, sandy beaches, a honeymoon and holiday all at once and let's not forget far away locations tend to cut down the guest list too!

So with the relaxed atmosphere, bridal wear has to be less formal including footwear. Wearing stilettos on a sandy beach is not exactly going to work. Enter flip flops! They are casual and cool for comfort. But for a wedding, they have to be jazzed up for the special occasion. For that, you need a specialist jewelry artisan.

JFlop's on Etsy creates one of a kind fun flip flops. They are hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals, ribbons and lace. A white pair with custom decorations will suit any bride in a pretty white dress billowing in some tropical breeze.

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