Cufflinks or cuff links date back centuries. They first appeared in the Middle Ages but weren't really popular until the fashion for ruffled sleeve ends changed over to simpler styles. These link cuffs (sometimes known as French or Double Cuffs) had two buttonholes. As there were no buttons, cufflinks were needed.

The cufflinks were used such the sleeve ends were held together as "kissing cuffs" as shown the left or the less common barrel-style where the ends overlapped.

Cuff links are commonly the type where the most visible side is a larger disc which can be monogrammed. Double button cufflinks also exist where the buttons are connected by a strand of some sort.

Free Tutorials
1. One of the best free tutorials on how to make cuff links is the project by

Basic wire working skills, a bit of chain and the bar from a bar and toggle set quickly turns any cylindrical beads into a one of kind men's jewelry item. Perfect for Father's Day.

2. Cuff links can be worn by both men and women not just in shirts but jackets too. One way to coordinate with the garment's buttons is to make a double button cufflink. It requires the simple wiring of shank buttons as shown in the tutorial by

3. If you are more crafty, you could sew yourself some monogrammed cuff links (below left). has detailed instructions on how to contruct some using blanks.

4. For a geeky solution, use unconventional material like's tutorial using network hardware like transparent UTP-plugs and twisted pair wire. A very creative design on short notice! Inexpensive too.

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