Emmy Hearts On Fire Diamond Indulgence Lounge - Day 1

Celebrities spend unreal sums of money on facials, hairstyling and other beauty treatments especially for big events like the Oscars. The latest spa trend amongst the rich and famous is the use of diamonds for massages.

The luxury treatment is delivered in the client's own homes by Spa on Location (Santa Monica, California) which teamed up with Hearts on Fire, the diamond company. Their "Dream Girl" Diamond massage uses $1 million in loose diamonds. One presumes the diamonds have been smoothed so they wouldn't be sharp. The cost of the massage? $25,000 - down from the $100,000 price tag when the above 2006 photo was taken.

Elite Choice also reported the use of 1.5 carats worth of powdered diamonds placed on the skin after a massage for a few minutes. The procedure claims to rid your body of of "electromagnetic toxins" from the everyday exposure to cell phones, computers and microwaves. I'm not sure how that is supposed to work. But one thing is certain. After a massage like that you will indeed be relieved of stress and a considerable amount of cash from your wallet.

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