I am convinced there is nothing you cannot use to make jewelry. Take a look at the fantastic jewelry by Min-Jo Cho. Her Glove's Dream series is an outstanding example of how you can put together great jewelry from common household items like rubber gloves. Yes, rubber gloves - the sort you use to protect your hands when washing up or doing dirty chores around the house!

As you can see, she deftly mixes gemstones like pearls with the most humble of household items. The fingertips of the gloves as well as the sleeves are cleverly used. She is so creative and innovative, she makes the hoop earrings (below left) and bracelet (below right)look absolutely stunning.

Her pieces also include her pearls and rubber brooch as well as her red hot corsage below. Who knew rubber glove jewelry could be so glamorous?

This Korean born artisan received her MA in goldsmithing, metalwork and jewelry from the Royal College of Art in London, England in 2007. She is also a qualified color specialist. Please check her website to see her whole range of rubber glove jewelry.

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