Some people like small earrings with just one short dangle. Then there are those who love them long and multi-tiered. Having additional tiers means the design possibilites are practically endless as shown by the beaders here.

Kristie's dangle earrings (top left) starts off with a diamond shaped pewter finding. The colored beads below added contrast to the silver look. The design at top right is Sabrina's who boldly chooses beads to suit her own eclectic style. She mixed two metallic hues - vintage brass and pewter. For color she put green mother of pearl beads at the top and side drill tortoise shell spear beads for the lowest dangle.

Karla who used a silver double ring finding to hang her the rest of her purple dangle which included a side-drilled bead drop at the bottom.

Earrings are also my favorite design thing to do. They are fast and fun to make. Nearly instant gratification.

Beader Designs #:516-518
The Beading Gem's Journal
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