Don't get me wrong. I like cooking but sometimes I just want somebody else to cook for me! It's the same with jewelry. I love making jewelry but it's nice to receive another artisan's work. So when I got the tip off on a $500 sweepstakes (contest closes on June 30), I had to go check it out. Max&Chloe is a well known online jewelry outlet featuring designs from several artisans. Their designs have been featured in many magazines including Brides, Oprah, People Style Watch and US.

You can pick jewelry by price but what I really liked about their site were their recommended jewelry ideas for celebrities on their blog as well as their trends section. So I went "shopping" for my favorite picks from their current stock.

The colorful movie jewelry extravaganza that is Bollywood is epitomised by Miguel Ases' Turquoise and Coral Chandelier Earrings (above). Check out my past post on the amazing jewelry from an epic Bollywood movie and a brief biography on Akhbar the Great.

This famous American costume designer believes "elegance, good taste and luxury never go out of style". He has a quite a celebrity following. His costume jewelry designs are as highly collectible as those with gemstones. His vintage pieces often fetch tidy sums at auctions. Below left is his Single Pyramid Cuff and his Colored Tiger Bracelets which are reminiscent of Cartier's animal jewelry but without the bling.

The classic tear drop style has been popular for centuries. See my past post on two famous emerald tear drop earrings. The one one the left below is Brian Danielle's Diamond Dangle Earrings for $3,890. Blu Bijoux offers the Champagne Swarovski crystal version (below right) for just $38. They certainly offer quite a range to suit all budgets.

Gerard Yosca's Earth Tones necklace is layered with different glass beads and Swarovski crystals. It so reminds me of Egyptian collars. His Gold Link Bib necklace will surely inspire chain maille artisans.

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