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Women have worn low cut dresses for centuries to show off their cleavage. But what if you don't like to catch a cold with the overexposure but still want to draw attention to your bosom?

Korean designer Jung Ee Eun has the solution for you. His design is appropriately named the 80A necklace which is shaped like the underwire used in the lingerie item.

It's cheeky and bold for sure. Was that really a 80A I wonder? Perhaps he did his experimental design with a real 80A bra. If the idea takes, perhaps he could offer it in different sizes?

Would you dare to wear it? Me? I'll pass.


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  1. Leave it a guy to design such a piece. :-)

    Can't say I'd wear it as I don't need anymore attention there. But maybe for those who are not well endowed it could be the boost they were looking for (without the surgery?).

    Yes, sometimes I have a strange way of looking at things -if I don't laugh, someone else will. :-)

  2. Those underwires don't even begin to cover it. Literally. Not for me for sure!

  3. Ouch, for me, but Korean women are petite/slight builds. Might just work perfectly for them! Creativity rocks!


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