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Contemporary Art Jewelry by Lulu Smith

If anyone were to ask me what my design preference was - be it jewelry or interior design - I would say, contemporary. This style is sleek, clean and when done well, is simply stunning. Seattle, Washington based Lulu Smith is one example of why contemporary style jewelry is so popular. Her artful designs are made from sterling silver and hand pigmented, hand poured resin. I found every single one of her designs has that vibrant, "buy me" quality.

As you can see, she is a genius with colour and bold line design elements. Her love of jewelry began young - she actually took metalsmithing classes when she was still in high school. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, she started up a studio of her own and soon garnered many fans and collectors. Her work has appeared on numerous magazines and is sold at galleries, museum stores and boutiques. Her current collection can be drooled over and purchased on her gallery page.

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  1. I am the exact opposite. I like vintage, old, antique. BUT - I will say this jewelry looks really striking and you're right about the colors, fabulous!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this work!! It really pulls at heart strings, wish I had the talent. Wonderful stuff!

  3. I'm one of those people who likes a bit of everything...I love her work, vibrant colors, yet simplistic designs...wonderful artist!


  4. As you can tell from my own collection I favor beaded jewelry but do like to mix it up occasionally with other styles -including contemporary. I love this designers color choices -very vibrant!

  5. I'm not a great fan of contemporary either but these are very nice. Clean lines.

  6. I love this. It reminds me of what I'm trying to do in paper!

  7. I love this work! I also found her pieces at , an online shop for contemporary jewellery showing fantastic designers creations.


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