We've all cut up old credit cards before. Perhaps given the current economic climate, some of us have probably even considered cutting up new ones too just to avoid temptation. Well, the Scavenger blog has great ideas what to do with the bits.

The photo tutorial on how to make a credit card bracelet shows the step by step process of trimming the edges, punching holes and adding simple jump rings. Talk about minimal jewelry making costs!

This designer also has a sense of humor. Also on the same post is the credit card ring which holds a circle of the card plus a few "gems". These are actually auto window glass fragments scavenged from the scene of a auto bulgary. Then there are the "disco" credit card earrings.

Scavenger's blog is all about "paying as little as possible for everything - or paying nothing at all, preferably." With the credit crunch crisis, this may well be a creed for many people. Or it could represent a new trend for naturally thrifty souls to come out of the closet. It's okay to be cheap. The blog is for people whose "quest for free stuff and cheap stuff sends their pulses racing! "

I got to agree with Scavenger, "Nothing is garbage anymore."


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