Jewelry for men, maybe?
Part 2 of 2

I've often been wowed by how professional jewelry photographers make their shoots different. In the past, I've featured an edgy street scene photo shoot , jewelry on lingerie and even real human skeletons as jewelry displays. But what about using men as models for women's jewelry? Now that is a wickedly clever combination to attract women's attention - beefcake and sparkly jewelry. The first photo on the left shows male model Richard Lima with a sparkling piece across his broad chest. The second shows Marc Jacobs wearing an Andrew Grima necklace. Rippling muscles and pretty jewelry - quite the contrast! Hyperventilating yet?

These photos are amongst the many in a special book project put together by the renowned American fashion photographer Bruce Weber to celebrate the French luxury jeweler Cartier's 100th anniversary. He was given full access to Cartier's corporate archives and photos. The book is called Cartier I Love You and was recently published.

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