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Scrolling or flat coiling wire is a lot of fun and easy to do. These versatile elements can be incorporated into jewelry designs provided there is some way you can connect them either to each other, to dangles or to other wire wrapped pieces.

So here are three ways to make those scrolled connections including the classic Egyptian coils. I've used 20G copper wire for all the three types shown in the picture.

These connectors consistent of one loop with a corresponding "dimple" on the other end so you can add a dangle at the end as shown in my earrings design below.

1. Cut a length of wire - this will vary depending on how big a scroll you want. I used about 7 inches.
2. Make a "p" loop.
3. Grasp the loop with your flat nose pliers and start coiling the wire around. Keep repositioning the pliers as you coil.

You don't have to do the dimple as many artisans just hang a dangle with a jump ring or directly to the last outer coil. But if you do want to add a spot where the dangle stays put and the scrolling remains tightly together, here's how.   
4. First place your round nose pliers such that it sandwiches the wire.  
5. Then bend the wire slightly by pressing down the right tip of the pliers towards the coil. 

6. Now reposition the pliers so the right tip is in the dimple and the left tip is on the outside. Then press down the left tip. Viola! You have a dimple!

7. Continue to scroll the wire around until you get to the opposite side. Make a loop as shown. Here is a pair of earrings I made with this kind of scrolled wire connector. 

 8. Continue to scroll the wire around until you get to the opposite side. Make a loop as shown. Here is a pair of earrings I made with this kind of scrolled wire connector. 


B. DOUBLE LOOP SCROLLED CONNECTORS They are made in pretty much the same way except you are working with doubled up wire which are kept side by side during the whole process. 

1. Cut a length and fold over around the tip of your round nose pliers. I flattened it with the flat portion of the pliers so both wires lie closely side by side.

 2. Straighten the rest of the wire with nylon jawed pliers. 

3. Grasp the folded part with the tip of your round nose pliers and start scrolling as above, keeping the two wires side by side not on top of each other. The starting part is difficult to accomplish evenly as you can see from the picture below right but once you scroll further, some corrections can be made.    

4. Make two loops on opposite sides using both ends of the wire.  

Check Marie Cristine's excellent egyptian coil tutorial for how to make a clasp and connectors.

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  1. Pearl you have outdone yourself here. I am going out to my work shed right now, 11:00 pm Sunday night to give this a try. I am forever looking for new findings to make and copper is my new passion. This is awesome, thank goodness you can dig 'em up. Peace for all

  2. Great tutorials I've done variations of the first two...I've always thought I should try the Egyptian coil some day. I like copper but my customers don't seem to like it much...a sterling silver bracelet would be lovely!


  3. Great tutorials! How did you know I was working with copper wire today?! :-)

  4. I'd like to claim mind control in Ruralrose's case and mind reading in Cindy's but alas not.

    Copper though is seriously popular these days as a cheaper alternative to silver. However I have to agree that many people still like silver.


  6. Thank you for such a clear tutorial. The chain is beautiful.

  7. Thank you so much for creating this video. I have always wanted to learn how to do this and now I know. I will have to implement this into my newest designs and I know the results will be awesome.

    Thanks again. Keep the videos coming!!!! =D

  8. So far my repertoire of scroll work is limited to simple headpins or dangles. I've always admired necklaces made with Egyptian Coils but never knew how they were done. Well here's another Beading Gem's post that goes into my "special" Pearl bookmarked folder. :)

  9. Great info!! Makes it seem almost as if I could do it!

  10. Remember, practice makes perfect especially with wire work! I'm still having to practice!

  11. The link for egyptian scroll is not available anymore :(

  12. Thanks Janny for letting me know. I have replaced it with a link to Marie Cristine's tutorial.


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