Hot,hot days of summer
Part 1 of 2
When I first wrote about Batucada jewelry, Debbie really loved it and asked where she could buy it. At the time, it wasn't readily available but now I have found sources where you can find these amazing French designed eco jewelry which floats! You never have to worry about losing your jewelry when you go swimming again.

Batucada jewelry is made from a specially formulated eco plastic which is soft and flexible. It is not rubber or silicone. The tough but beautifully designed jewelry will withstand seawater. Sweaty bodies after a gym workout - no problem! The ultra lightweight pieces fit close to the skin and is rather tattoo-like.

They are versatile designs - they work well with either casual or more formal wear. You can purchase two necklace styles from Charles&Marie for just $35. Brooklyn5and10 has an extensive range of their products - necklaces are the same price at $35. Earrings and bracelets cost $20.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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