The days are now getting hotter and hotter. I don't know about you but I hate hot humid weather. So I just had to write about Katharina Ludwig's unusual jewelry. She once created  Her Ice Jewelry collection (source no longer available) is perfect for the hot days of summer. They are made with real ice and cool you down as the ice cubes melt.

Katharina's ice necklaces consists of chains which have been cleverly frozen into ice cubes such that when removed from the tray, the ice cubes form the "jewels". The earrings and rings have internal stems which allow the wearer to make their self-cooling adornment much like real Popsicles. One could also suck on the ice too! Utterly brilliant!

She also says, "If water itself is worn as a jewel the preciousness of water is enhanced." That should really remind us how this resource is increasingly hard to come by for some people in different parts of the world. Something we should not take for granted.


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