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A couple of my friends from our group of the Bead Sisterhood recently opened up a booth at a new local weekend market in order to sell our jewelry. Cindy asked if I had any jewelry for men as I once mentioned I wanted to do some. That's because on the very first weekend, at least one man inquired.

More and more men are wearing jewelry these days. But their tastes are different so it's a whole new category of jewelry styles to design. I think it is a good idea to make unisex leather jewelry to please men as well as women who don't like bling.

I've seen some double wrap leather bracelets before where the jewelry goes twice round the wrist. These make a good style for flat narrow strips of leather as they look more substantial. The bracelet (above left) has been decorated with some wire wrapped carnelian cubes for a studded look. Just remember to flatten the wire end so it bites into the leather and not poke the wearer. I've kept the look simple but varying the gemstones shapes and types would be a lot of fun to do too. You could also simply braid flat or round leather strips.

Finishing the ends is the tricky part. There are different kinds of cord ends you can use. Check this tutorial on how to use the fold over kind. I used ribbon cord ends for two flat strips side by side because the teeth on the findings will bite down and hold better. I also added glue just in case.

I didn't have ribbon cord ends wide enough for three strips so I tightly wound some wire over them with some scrap wire (not too much). Then using enameled copper in a dark bronze color, I coiled it around a knitting needle to create my own custom coiled wire ends (see my past tutorial). The scrap wire wrapped end was then inserted inside the coil ends with a dab of glue. It should be a snug fit. Remember to squeeze down the last coil.

Here are more great tutorials to inspire and instruct. Let the creative juices flow!


1. Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet by Trish is a super tutorial to create your own version of this style of bracelets which cost dearly to buy. I like this one because I would never have thought to wrap beads to leather with Nymo thread ! The bead and loop closure technique is simple to do. The button goes through the gap between two knots. The knots should be glued for extra security.

Add more rows or even crystals if you like to make it for women and you've got the makings of a stunning and unique design.

2. Leather Chain Necklace by fellow Canadian Brit McMaster features cut out leather links - simple yet awesome! There is a fair amount cutting so patience is required. You can always shrink the template so that the links to be smaller and the necklace not as long as she has done. I would probably use large jump rings to secure the necklace to clasps if I were making this shorter. A bracelet will work too!

3. Leather Bracelets from Recycled Belts This tutorial is from Instructables.com which shows you how to make the most macho of bracelets. It's green too because these are made by recycling old leather belts.

You basically size the band allowing for an overlap section and attach snap fasteners. The instructor etched a design on the leather band (he also suggests leather stamping) but if you have already decorated belts, you can omit this step.

4. This woven macrame-style leather woven bracelet tutorial was written by Mette over at her blog, Erleperle. It is easy to do with good instructions on how to do the ends. Individualize each bracelet with different buttons.

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