To save time, I don't sort out stray beads at the end of beading workshops or parties. I just place them in a plastic container. I also add beads I find on the floor of my basement workshop - it's amazing how often they roll out of sight only to be found later.

So when I caught Dana James' tweet about her leather fringe tutorial on her blog, I actually rushed downstairs and tried it out straightaway. What a super way to use up odd beads.

The design is quick and easy to do. You can have a lot of fun putting together an eclectic mix for a funky necklace. What makes this tutorial so inspiring is you can try many different variations based on this tutorial.

For instance you don't have to use 1mm leather cord as above - or even leather at all. I made a second necklace shown below using 2 mm waxed cotton cord, cord ends and a whole bunch of odd gemstone beads - all quartzes including some insipid moonstone beads. It has a more structured look. Thanks Dana for a truly great tutorial!

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