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Leather Fringe Necklace Tutorial Uses Up Odd Beads

To save time, I don't sort out stray beads at the end of beading workshops or parties. I just place them in a plastic container. I also add beads I find on the floor of my basement workshop - it's amazing how often they roll out of sight only to be found later.

So when I caught Dana James' tweet about her leather fringe tutorial on her blog, I actually rushed downstairs and tried it out straightaway. What a super way to use up odd beads.

The design is quick and easy to do. You can have a lot of fun putting together an eclectic mix for a funky necklace. What makes this tutorial so inspiring is you can try many different variations based on this tutorial.

For instance you don't have to use 1mm leather cord as above - or even leather at all. I made a second necklace shown below using 2 mm waxed cotton cord, cord ends and a whole bunch of odd gemstone beads - all quartzes including some insipid moonstone beads. It has a more structured look. Thanks Dana for a truly great tutorial!

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial. As you said what a great way to use up your stash. I am always looking for ways to keep the stash under control.LOL

  2. Keeping my stash under control? I lost the battle several years ago!!

  3. There is no control with my stash of beads...but it works for me!!

    I like this necklace...easy to do and unique to what is around! :0)


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I have been to Dana's blog and posted a link on my blog, looks like lots of people will be making.

    Ditto, I lost the stash control, I just put loose beads in jars, plastic bags, containers or anything I can find. For those who can control theirs, I say good on you!!

  5. Yeah, I have a plastic container AND a box full of mixed up beads. What a fun way to use them!

  6. Thanks Pearl, I'm glad everyone likes the tutorial. The one thing I do love to do is create jewelry and this necklace was fun and a good way to use up those mis-matched beads. Enjoy.

  7. Always looking for something pretty to do with stray beads. This is a winner.

  8. Pearl, When I saw that fringe beaded necklace tut I was so elated...I was in a shop in Saratoga Springs yesterday that had the same kind of necklace, but with lots and lots of HUGE beads. I thought I could do it on a smaller scale with my homeless beads...and now I even have a tut for it! How cool is that!

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  10. I put left over beads and odd ones that I harvest from broken necklaces in stackable boxes labelled according to colour. I use the beads for my "shades of..." range of necklaces. _ Shades of red is the most popular - also shades of grey!! Each necklace is a fairly random mix of glass, wood, semi precious stone, shell and odd interesting fused glass, ceramic or ethnic beads. The good thing is that each piece is totally unique

  11. You're so organized! My leftover bead boxes are just a jumble!!

  12. I'm far from being organised, that's why I have a system that does it for me and saves so much time. I use the small plastic sets of drawers. labelled , and stack them right next to where I work. As I finish a piece, any beads go straight into a drawer of that colour or type.
    Apart from colour, I have drawers for focal beads, shell, wood etc. Must say the system has worked wonders for my sanity!!


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