Paper Wonders
Part 3 of 3

Saloukee is a composite name of an artisan called Sarah Louise Kelly who makes art jewelry. Not just any art jewelry but made from paper.

She said she had for years, "created traditional jewelry models in paper as preparation for larger works." She enjoyed working with paper so much more than with metals so she switched.

Her pieces are just beautiful to behold. Many of her designs incorporates several hundred hand pressed rivets holding together laser cut and intricately folded paper - all of which require a great deal of patience and skill. Just visually stunning and out of this world!

Above is her Flair Necklace with steel cable and silver fastening. The creamy piece below is a collar necklace.

Here is one of her signature paper bangles and a detail showing the riveting.

And something smaller, her earrings :

You can buy Saloukee jewelry on the Joolia jewelry marketplace site. She also writes a blog.

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