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Paper Wonders
Part 2 of 3

Ana Hagopian's paper jewelry is nothing short of amazing. She has absolutely no problem with her chosen medium as she describes paper and textiles as a "universe of color, texture and form". She meant what she said because she has an uncanny ability to form paper beads infused with wonderful color and texture.

Ana Hagopian has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Buenos Aires but she now lives in Spain. Her constant travelling all over the world provides her with inspiration. The following pictures bear witness to how fruitful her muses have been.


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  1. Ana's work is very impressive...I like the vibrant colors and the simplistic designs!!!

    I don't ever remember making paper beads as a child...but then I don't always remember things...:0)


  2. Beautiful jewelry.


  3. hard to believe those are all made of paper - such a variety!


  4. I love the paper beads..I thought I saw a tutorial? IS there one? I would love to learn this amazing technique.

  5. Wow this jewelry is really amazing! I just love the mottled orange leaf shaped beads and the carnations! The rings are fantastic too. Too hard to decide which is my favorite!

  6. The only paper jewelry tutorials I've found so far are those for rolled paper beads, decoupage style and the quilled paper pendants.

    It might be worth investigating paper making techniques.

  7. her work displays the colours of life she sees every now and then...she's a great aesthetic view of life.


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