If you thought unusual Michael Jackson memorabilia jewelry stopped at the diamonds created from his burnt hair, think again. A company called Gemory which offers "memories are forever" diamonds is now selling limited edition diamonds where nano-photographs of the King of Pop are inscribed inside. The tiny photos are injected just below the surface of any facet using their patent pending technology.

Their technique is different from the laser method used to etch diamonds such as the polar bear diamonds from Canada. Gemory claims their way is non-invasive - it does not harm the gemstone in any way. The photograph will be safely there forever. Yet, it can be removed without damaging the stone if that is what you so wish.

Can you see it with the naked eye? Nope. But you can buy a special viewer so you can see the picture. Can you use other gemstones besides diamonds? Yes, but you'll have to contact the company.

The 0.1 carat and 1.0 carat Michael Jackson diamonds are already on eBay for sale at $850 and $4,900 each respectively. Only 10 diamonds of each size will be made. I just had a peek, 4 of the smaller stones have gone as well as 2 of the larger ones!

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