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As many of you know, I like to design chain maille jewelry. However what I do pales in comparison to the innovative, one of a kind hip chain jewelry creations by LitterSF, an online store based in San Francisco. It was opened earlier this year by two designers MacKenzie and Rachael who are sisters. In a very short period of time they've managed to capture plenty of online attention as well as made it into a recent issue of ELLE magazine.

The designs which first caught my eye were their signature shoe jewelry where their anklets also complimented the shoes as "pumped" up walking bling. Shoes with killer heels look really sharp (in both senses of the word) with chains looping underneath the soles. What's also different about their design concept is the strong focus they put on the front of the feet (above right) like for necklaces.

That's just for starters. They create jewelry from head to toe and for unusual body parts. Their head jewelry reminds me of Indian style jewelry.

They not only do necklace earrings but head-earring combinations too :

Their unusual duos continue with this ear cuff and tassel pair of earrings :

Moving down the body, they cover the arm with chain shoulder pieces as well as elbows!!

I found their chained double rings clever. But some of you will probably be leery of wearing such chains in case you catch them on something while waving your hands around.

They call this (below left) style of body chain, harness jewelry. The one piece that took days to complete is the vintage brass chain maille affair (below right):

Young enough to still wear mini-skirts? Then take a look at their thigh and knee jewelry!

Have they missed any body part they can put a chain to?


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  1. This is possibly the sexiest jewelry I've ever seen!! I love the shoulder pieces especially!!

  2. You're absolutely right - it is rather sexy with flowing chains draped over the body!

  3. definitely sexy..but would not look sexy if I wore it lol! I do LOVE the multistranded anklets to wear with the funky chunky shoes..those are awesome! the earrings connected to each other or connected to the hair piece look dangerous. The leg/knee ones with the little black dress is very cool..I could see these pieces used in a movie for some futuristic Mad Max type sci fi...very fun!

  4. Very cool, just not very practical in MY life. And I would have nightmares even thinking about wearing something in my ears attached to a necklace or my head - I just KNOW I would rip something.

  5. The link to their website/store is above and here -


  6. I love the large cuff chain earring, I can't seem to find it on their website tho. Sad times


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