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Working with salmon colored beads

I'm not really fond of salmon hues mainly because this color looks ghastly on me. However if you are lucky like Erica and can wear this color, then I envy you.

She chose to go the neutral route with clear crystal and black beads because the salmon colored beads already gave a certain warmth to the necklace. What I really liked were her use of smaller gold tone beads to give the design a richer look. One other option was to team the salmon colored beads with say green aventurine gemstones.

Beader Design #: 551

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  1. I agree..not too fond of salmon colors. But this design is beautiful. Another option would be to mix with maybe wood beads...that would definately give a warmth and natural vibe to the design.

  2. Erica did a fabulous job with this "difficult" color. I like your suggestion for wood. It would indeed give it a natural tone.

  3. Erica did a wonderful job...she has an eye for detail...

    I actually don't mind the salmon shade...and with black, clear and gold toned beads it is set off nicely!

  4. I love Salmon & think you can mix it with any colour of beads. I love the combination of this necklace.

    I made a similar one but it was grey incorporated with silver & a multi coloured pattern beads.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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