Open Wide
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Have you ever wondered what dentists did with extracted teeth? Well, Australian designer Polly van der Glas's friends and family reclaimed theirs so she could make some pretty unusual tooth jewelry. She is what you might say a highly original and creative tooth fairy! The piece on the left looks like an earring. The piece below left is harder to figure out. It's a ring - a toothy knuckleduster!

She also recycles human hair and turns them into jewelry. You've got to admit it saves having to buy beads! A replenishable resource as well. Her braided hair bracelet is below right.

Polly does jewelry on commission and can be contacted at pollypollypollypolly [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Chinese dental clinics apparently offer to make what looks like resin jewelry made from your teeth after a good buffing job! Any takers?

If real teeth just don't cut it for you, there is always vampire teeth jewelry - the whole dental set - for fans of the wildly popular Twilight series about a romance between a teenage girl (Bella) and a vampire (Edward). Shown here is Edward's Smilefrom Jules Smith.

The same toothy pendant also appears in another necklace called Jacob's Nemesis. Jacob, in case you've not read the books or seen the movie, is a rival for Bella's affection.

Fang on, there is more tomorrow....

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