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Gem and Bead Embellished Clutch Bags

This is gem-embellished twill envelope clutch bag was designed by Stella McCartney. It's a fabulous design because the clutch's neutral tones with hints of blue, white and earth colors will go with just about anything in the wardrobe. It's not clear what those gems are but the price tag on this clutch is $995.

You can also embellish bags with seed beads rather than with gemstones. It's a good way to use up your stock of seed beads.

My mother is a fabulous beadwork artisan. Her main hobby is making beaded shoe tops, bags and pictures for just the family. We are always going "Pick me! Pick me next!" She made the decorative panel on this bag shown below for me. (Another craftsman put the bag together).

She usually uses aida cloth as the base and an adapted beaded cross stitch method with - get this - 15/0 seed beads! Mum is in her late seventies and yet still works with such tiny beads. She is such an inspiration. There is hope for me yet.

She finds the right sized aida cloth such that the seed bead sits just so within the four holes of the aida unit. She uses only one diagonal stitch. Mum works with an embroidery frame and says the trick is to keep the tension even. The cost of my bag? Priceless.


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  1. oh la la Pearl-these bags are gorgeous!

  2. Pearl - your mother does amazing work. I can see that the talent genes were passed on to you!


  3. I always wanted to make a bag like that. How long does it take her to needlepoint all those beads?

  4. Weeks because she only works on it for a couple of hours every day. Her pieces are truly labors of love.

  5. Pearl! Your mom is fabulous! I can't believe that is beaded and not embroidered. Amazing! It's beautiful. If she has created a lot of pieces you ought to make it a feature "Mom's beaded piece of the week" or something much more clever than that. Truly gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful bag...your mother is an amazing artist!
    So that is where you get your talent from...

  7. Ohhhhh -love the beaded cross stitch. I love to do cross stitch and now to combine it with my love of beading....I'm definately going to have to look into this. It would be the perfect complement to my online jewelry store!

  8. wow, what inspiration galore!! And a reminder that when we do what we do with love and skill, someone, somewhere, benefits. Please kiss your mom from me!!!

  9. Thanks Cate for your lovely comment. My mother would be so pleased with it.


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