Some women love borrowing t-shirts and shirts from their menfolk to stretch their wardrobes. 
Now one artisan, Boston based Nicole Deponte inspires us not to stop at shirts. Her recycled tie jewelry makes use of unwanted silk in the most of novel ways.

She calls her collection on Etsy the Lilian Asterfield. Every hand sewn creation is one of a kind - urban chic to take notice of. As she says, "Neckties aren't just for suits anymore".

I am amazed at how she came up with her unique necktie ascot and bib necklaces. Remember the shape of a tie - long with wider ends - is rather awkward. But in her artistic hands, the neckties become warm cuff bracelets and cascades of silk ruffles in her signature bib necklace styles shown above and below.

Also check out her triple ruffle necktie ascot which was featured in her local paper. I agree - her easy to wear necktie jewelry can really dress up a classic black dress or a simple tank top. Nicole also does custom orders. There's a thought. If you had some special tie mementos, you'll know where to go.

Nicole is multi-talented. Besides designing accessories, she is an accomplished artist, freelance window dresser and fashion consultant. You can read more about her on her website.

If you're like me and folding fabric including laundry is not a favorite past time, then here is a cute tutorial for a black tie necklace. It's already all prefolded! The Ongoingproject blog shows you how to attach eyelets and recycle a bow tie for a quirky new necklace!

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