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How-To : T-shirt and Recycled Clothing Jewelry Tutorial Links

Making DIY necklaces from upcycled clothing is all the rage - inspired by commercial varieties. There are several tutorials available for different styles.

1.On the Threadbanger forum is this sweet jersey t-shirt necklace tutorial by Peterpancomplex (update : link no longer works) which is sure to please many people. The large fabric loops are only attached together at the back. I particularly like how the necklace can be embellished to make it a one of a kind design.

2.Want something more striking? This fabulous t-shirt tutorial comes from chictopia (update : link no longer works) which shows you how to transform strips of soft jersey material from old t-shirts into wearable art.

3. Also in the same vein are the two tutorials by cucumbersome on for a necklace and a bracelet. The soft necklace is simple to make and many people have done so. The directions for the necklace tutorial were removed because there is a patent pending. However if you watch the instructions for the accompanying bracelet also shown below, you will get the general idea.

Recycled T-shirt Bracelet - More DIY How To Projects 4. Birdy Moola on the Oola-Moola site has a plaited style tutorial which is decorated with a matching flower. Living and Loving in LA has a different "twist" in that she embellishes her plaited necklace with beads. 5. The fastest DIY fringe t-shirt necklace tutorial has to be the one from All you need are stretchy crew necked t-shirts and a pair of scissors. The necklines become the choker necklaces with strips of materials dangling fringe style from the front. I'll bet some custom embellishments will work a treat. More than one can be worn together for uber cool urban chic. 6. Shrimp Salad Circus found a vintage skirt and shirt set. She loved the skirt but not the shirt. But she salvaged the lace panel from the shirt and converted it into a vintage lace necklace. She generously shared this tutorial on how to make one of your own. If you don't know how to attach large eyelets, now's your chance to learn.

7.Lady Smaggle has a clever way with laddered tights as you can see from her tutorial on her blog. She was inspired to make her unusual necklace when her favorite yellow pair of tights ripped. So she shredded them even further and embellished her creations with studs and charms. You know, if she hadn't said, I would not have thought the necklace was made from pantyhose and cost next to nothing to make.   8.Another teacher who uploaded her students' work is Lee Meredith of Do Stuff! Leethal Blog. She wrote a tutorial on how to make jewelry from wool sweaters. It's a matter of cutting out different shapes from the fabric and embellishing them.   
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  1. While I do find this kind of jewelry interesting and unique, it isn't something I would wear, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the workmanship...I tend to lean towards plain, especially in a necklace!


  2. Not for me but it's all so cleve. One of the expensive parts of making jewelry is the cost of the supplies! The examples above are mostly workmanship and time - not materials. Very smart!

  3. Love the t-shirt bracelet and the felt looking penant necklace at the end! Right now I'm making my old tees into dresses for my daughter and my hubby's tees into smaller ones for my son!

  4. The jersey material pieces look almost like scarves! Fantastic idea.

  5. Thanks for featuring my necklace tutorial!

    I love the chictopia one and am about to go stalk it out!!!

    - Lindsay

  6. Brilliant, i am always looking out for new ideas so thank you for this article

  7. The link to the first necklace (the peterpancomplex) does not work. Help!! Thank you :-)

  8. This is an old post. So alas, that link indeed no longer exists - do check the other tutorials as you can adapt them to look like the one you like! Hope this helps.


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