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Eco Jewelry from Preloved Clothes and Fabric

There are some awfully inventive artisans out there who totally embrace the reuse and recycling creed. Many have repurposed unwanted fabric and old clothes for uber eco jewelry! Here is one outstanding artisan.

A fellow Canadian, Maryse of Frills and Fray on Etsy uses what she calls preloved fabrics to make "soft jewelry with a strong look". She has an uncanny ability to form new shapes with textiles to make her distinctive jewelry designs. Her style is definitely from rags to riches. See this fabric flower pendant necklace? It was a sphagetti strap dress in a previous life.

Shown below is her Textured Wave Fabric necklace.

Her funky Cluster Necklace full of big fabric beads of different sizes took her a long time to make as there were 60 individual beads in all!

I don't think she has exhausted all the possible permutations of fabric shapes yet as you can see with her Fabric Spiral necklace. This is surely a sign of a truly creative soul.

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  1. Well that's flippin' amazing! Wasn't as sure about the first one with the larger gray bits... but OMG!... The pink and gray one, and the greenish one...WOW! I STILL never cease to be AMAZED by the ingenious creativity out there - conveniently brought right to me by "The Beading Gem" ... Thank you again Pearl! Awesome!

  2. Wonderful creations...we have many talented creative minds out there!!!


  3. as always, cool picks - thanks for sharing!


  4. Fabulous necklace! Love the design and materials too.

  5. I can't quite decide whether the waves or the spiral necklace is my favorite! In any case, they are all wonderful looking!


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