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How to Use Crimp Covers, Wire Guardians and 3 Different Kinds of Crimping Pliers

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How to use a crimp cover
I really loved this video I found on Youtube where the instructor from the Megabeadstore shows us how to use a crimp cover to hide the crimp.

However, what was neat was where she placed the crimp bead - not immediately next to the clasp as most of us do. She sandwiched the crimp bead between groups of metal beads. By the time she added the crimp cover, you'd be hard pressed to find where the crimp was!

How to use wire guardians The design looks even cleaner with the use of wire guardians. These are wire protectors so your beading wire lasts longer. Karla from Aunties' Beads shows you how to use them in this video.

It's a little tricky watching how she attaches a clasp. The way I do it is to feed the wire through the crimp, the first side of the wire guardian, through the clasp, back down the other side of the guardian and lastly the crimp again.

Lately I have been just flattening the crimp using my chain nose pliers and not the crimping pliers as I think it looks quite balanced with the wire guardian. But it's just a matter of personal preference how you do it.

How to crimp using 3 different kinds of pliers If you're wondering about the Magical Crimp Forming tool Karla uses in the above video, then watch the next video. She shows you how to crimp with three different types of tools including the Magical Crimp Forming tool. If you are using the specialised crimping tools, not only should you do some extra squeezes in different positions, test the hold! I speak from experience!!

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  1. thanks so much for sharing these tutorials!

  2. I love crimp covers and wire guardians! Thanks for sharing the tuts.

  3. I am new to this and you just made me smarter... LOL Thanks for the tutorials.

  4. I'm not clear on the way you attached the wire guard. It looks like the wire is going through the clasp loop but the wire guard isn't. I thought the wire guard was to supposed to be helping the wire not wear when in the loop????

  5. It is rather tricky to watch but she does indeed put the wire guard on the clasp. Try my way (described above) if that helps.

  6. I think I want that magic crimping tool!

  7. My little story on jewelry falling apart because of bad crimping!! It was my first show and a necklace done with lovely jasper stones. The customer was holding it in her hands to purchase it and it came apart as she was handing it to me. She felt bad I told her it wasn't her fault it happened to be my very first Necklace and I found out later I didnt use the PROPER size crimps with crimping tool. It tells you clearly on Pkg.and Silver crimps are always thicker is what I have been told. I have found I love the magic crimpers but I have found like you flat is better and I use wire guards and bead covers over the flat crimps. You have to be careful when putting on covers but it will work. Scrimps are also great and what makes those so nice if you need to adjust size its a snap! Little long on comment so crimp it where neccesary:-)


  8. No need to crimp the comment, Doris! It's invaluable to other readers!

  9. My challenge is always the second crimp at the end of the project. With the 'hide the crimp' technique, I find it difficult to get everything nice and tight so there isn't a gap between the crimp and the rest of the beads when all is said and done. Any tips or tutorials I could watch to learn a better way?

  10. I suggest you consider not putting 2 crimps together but to separate them with a few other beads. This way you improve the chances of getting everything nice and tight.

  11. The still photo of the wire guard attached to the toggle makes no is not protecting the wire whatsoever. Is it not suppose to be on the INSIDE of the wire protector.....hence the reason one would use one? #stupid

    1. You are absolutely right. I did mention in the post that I need to update that picture. And your comment has prompted me to get on with it!

    2. Just updated the photo and fixed the code on this post so it looks better!

  12. I have been beading for years, but still like these beading basic tutorials. I really like the way the crimp bead and cover look between the silver spacers. Also, I like the flat crimp with the wire guardian. I always use wire guardians and it would be far easier to do flat crimps. Thanks for the tips.