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Felt Inspirations - From Jewelry to Sculpture

Soft Jewelry Part 2 of 2
I just learned that felt is the oldest fabric known to mankind. Wool is compressed in a number of ways including putting the wool piece in the hot cycle of the washing machine - a process known as how to shrink your husband's wool sweater! But felt as jewelry? Incredibly, it's been done.

Here is a different sort of "sparkle" for your fingers - fun felt rings! Some assembly is required as the ring's "gemstone" has to be made 3D by slotting a second piece of felt. These multi-colored Japanese made rings comes nicely boxed and are currently on sale for $18. Via


Many of you who are accomplished in various crafts may already be familiar with needle felting which is done with a special barbed needle. The decorative technique involves continual stabbing of the needle to insert scraps of wool onto felt.Theartofmegan site has a tutorial on how to make a needle felted loop bracelet. The tutorial shows you how to make the bracelet and add the decorative swirl. 

For those of you who wish to see a video on needle felting, try this one called Needle Felted 101 - the fun and exuberant instructor is a beginner who says often the best teacher is the one who is just beginning. She's got a point!

The work of Canadian artisan Kay Stalher or Kay's K9s  on Etsy is so good, I just had to include it here. It is an inspiration if you want to make 3-D jewelry.  Please check my Facebook page for an example of 3-D felt jewelry. Working from photographs, she uses the needle felting technique to create lifelike replicas of people's pets. It takes her 15-30 hours of work to complete one sculpture. Via


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  1. OMG! The little feltie angimals are so adorable!!

  2. A friend of mine used to make felted beads, necklaces, and purses...great pieces!

    The dogs and cats are so life like...


  3. I hope a little felt animal shows up in my Christmas stocking! Adorable!

  4. OMG those critters are adorable! And so much more than most things that resemble animals, these really are art. I'm amazed!

  5. The jewelry is great but those dogs and cats are unreal! I 'felt' myself falling in love the moment I saw them!


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