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Stella McCartney's Stunning Swarovski Horse Sculpture

Designer Stella McCartney was so inspired by the medieval Belsay Castle in Northumberland, England,  she designed this stunning hanging Swarovski horse sculpture called Lucky Spot. It was originally a temporary exhibit for the 2004 Fashion at Belsay Exhibition but it returned to the Great Hall earlier this year due to popular demand.
The animal loving designer wanted "to create something magical, romantic and visually stunning" and she certainly did.The sculpture comprises of thousands of suspended Swarovski crystals in the shape of a rearing horse - a wondrous vision of light sparkling against the ancient stonework.

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  1. Great post, Pearl! This one combines the two passions in my life - horses and jewelry! Your blog is consistently great.

  2. Wow...isn't that be able to see it in person would be amazing!!!


  3. Wow. WOW. If I was a little princess I would so want one of those in my castle.

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous creation. It must be absolutely incredible to see that in person. Thanks for passing it along!

  5. WOW! Where's the tut for that?!

  6. Tut? That's funny Stephanie. I would settle for knowing how they could precisely hang each crystal at the right length. Must take some doing.

  7. Much better than any of her purses!

  8. Designing is relatively easy, and I'm getting tired of famous (by association) people with no talent getting all the recognition and praise. What I'd like to know is who are the amazing people who actually executed this piece? Funny how nobody ever mentions the actual artisans...

  9. As many attendees at my workshop soon appreciate, coming up with the design concept is actually more challenging. One young lady said, after one long afternoon just coming up with one earring design, she would never badmouth a designer again!

    To come up with a 3D Swarovski horse in a medieval castle shows a highly creative mind. The originality marks a designer of this calibre.

    The last comment assumes the designer was not involved in the set-up. I suspect she was intimately involved for who else would ensure her idea would be executed exactly as she envisioned?

    Just alike any nameless apprentice of any craft, the assistants gain from the experience and the inspiration which will stand them in good stead when they branch out on their own. Or if they are experts in their own particular craft, use the experience as part of their portfolio or resume.

  10. ALL the great Masters - Michaelangelo, Di Vinci, Rambrandt, etc - were apprentices first and they all had apprentices under them as well! Even if she didn't hang even one string, it was her vision that brought it to life @ all! Look, even movie stars have stunt doubles!


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