Unique Sparklers Part 2 of 2
It might be a little early for the "C" word for some of you but this amazing Christmas bauble has been making the news! It is made from 18-carat white gold and studded with over 1500 diamonds including 3 1-carat stones.The two orbital rings are bejeweled with 188 rubies.

It's definitely one for the record books which was the intent of a British family owned store called Hallmark Jewellers. Mark Hussey, the owner said they researched and found out the most expensive ornament was worth US$45,000. They set out to make something unique to beat that. Even so, they were surprised by the final value of US$138,000 (82,000 GBP)when the ornament was independently assessed by valuers at the London Assay Office.

Hussey added, "It would be absolutely fantastic if we could find the right person to buy it. But if I'm honest, if it's still here on Christmas Eve, I'd love to put it on our Christmas tree." Via

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