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Cross pendants make beautiful and meaningful accents to necklaces. I've usually bought them before but I'd like to make my own in the future. So I went looking for the best free tutorials to inspire. Bear in mind, I will add to this list as I find more, so always check my hub page, Jewelry Making Tips where I link back to tutorial posts.

Eye Pin Cross 
I personally like wire work crosses and was impressed with the simplicity of the Auntie's Beads' tutorial below which uses head pins. I adapted the idea using eye pins as shown in this trial cross. The extra wire can thus be used embellish and to strengthen the joined section.

I used soft 22G wire throughout which makes it easy for beginners to handle and 4 mm round gemstone beads (the blue ones here are sodalite). First make 3 long eye pins - how long will depend on the size of beads you are using and whether you want to do much wire wrapping. Make the middle loop larger as this is the bail. The other eye pin loops should be as small as possible. Add the beads - you could use just 2 beads instead of 3 for the upright section.

Make wrapped loops at the other end of the side but don't trim the wire. Slip the completed eye pins of the cross pieces onto the upright one.

Add the rest of the beads.

Now wire wrap the bottom of the cross and make it really snug.You will get floppy arms as shown if you don't tighten it enough. Don't trim the wire.

You can use the tails to wire wrap between the beads for a bit of decoration. The bottom tail goes all the way up to the bail and wraps around that. Trim. The side tails will meet in the middle.

Either twist the side tails together and/or go around behind the middle section of the cross and back to the front. This will strengthen the area. Trim one side tail and use the other to make a decorative scroll to hide the area. Then you're done!

If you want to save wire or aren't into wire work that much, you can omit the decorative wire wrapping. Just make sure the long tails of the side pieces are nearer the main stem as shown in this second cross with brecciated jasper beads.

Another decorative option is to twist the final two side tails to form a lovely rosette.  I used my pin vise. See my tutorial on using pin vises to twist wire together the easy way.
Head Pin Cross
Here is the Auntie's Beads video tutorial which uses Swarovski crystals.Karla the instructor uses head pins and 6 mm bicones. If you choose smaller 4 mm bicones, you can easily make matching earrings. This is a simple but easy wire working project you just have to try!

Gailavira is an amazing wire work artisan. Shown here is her beaded wire cross on for those who have more experience with wire.

TATBit Tats has this gorgeous original bead and tatted cross tutorial. I know, I know. It looks beaded but it really is tatting with beads! Just go to the tutorial and see. So many of you loved the work of TotusMel with her amazing ankle corsets, so if you are inspired, you should check out my how-to post on tatting as a jewelry techniqueVia

Maileof thedreamseeker has this relatively easy Full Persian chain maille cross pendant. You do need to know how to do this weave - check out my FP tutorial including a video to help you get the weave started - starting is usually the hardest part. Suggested ring sizes are also given.

Lenneheartly on DeviantArt has a lovely beaded cross that is not difficult. I will certainly give this one a try!!

If you'd rather not work with little seed beads, check out the beaded cross pattern by Lucy on 3Dbeading. This cross uses 4mm bicones and fishing line. You can certainly substitute with beading thread (I like Fireline). Easy right angle weaving!
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