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Amazing Cathedral Rings by Metal Couture

Many of you were amazed at the architectural Houses on Rings post last week. Here is another outstanding artisan, William Llewellyn Griffith of Metal Couture who specializes in just gorgeous Cathedrals on Rings. His inspiration comes from medieval and gothic architecture. His miniature creations still manage to give the impression of soaring majesty and beauty just like the real medieval cathedrals.

Labradorite Cathedral Ring

This master metal alchemist as he calls himself began his career in London, England but is now based in Australia. With 25 years of experience making a distinctive range of designs, Griffith has amassed a high profile clientele list which includes Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Manson and Billy Idol. If you click on Workshop on his website you will see why I don't feel so bad about my work table. Even a master jeweler has issues with diminishing work space! Via

Amber Cathedral Ring

Moonstone Cathedral Ring

Sapphire Cathedral Ring

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  1. Wow! Is that a ring or a masterpiece? Love it!

  2. Those rings are simply amazing!!!

    I checked out his workshop and had a good chuckle...mine is very bad but not as bad as his! L0L


  3. Don't think I could wear those wider ones, but I'd sure like to give it a try just the same. They're breath-taking! Amazing talent! Now I gotta check out the 'landscape-inspired' link here in your "you might also like" items. You do great stuff here Pearl!!!

  4. That first one is Holy crap.

  5. Your title is right - amazing!
    And I am of the mind that a clean desk (or workshop)is a sign of a sick mind. I'm sure he can find everything he needs blindfolded!

  6. I went to his shop workshop in Melbourne last year and realised I really wanted to be a jeweler. His work is amazing- I did try one on but the prices were way outta my price range (for the moment!)

  7. Wow! You are indeed lucky to have seen and even worn one for real!


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