I've written a post before about how to make cuff links for men. Alas, few men these days wear shirts which require the use of cuff links. But there is one formal attire men still wear - ties!! So if you have a man or men on your gift list, you got to try this tutorial to make a tie chain. It's not only decorative but functional as it keeps the tie in place especially at meal times!

The tutorial is from the Wigjig site which is an excellent source of all sorts of wire projects. I don't have their jig but I do have the metal variety which I dare say many of you have.

I used 20G wire not 18G as they suggest. 20G is easier to manipulate and the size suited the fine chain I had. I found it best not to have all the pegs in place when first starting. Begin with the first two.

See that big peg? Make sure it is down at all times! If you don't, the wire might slip under it rather than around it. When the wire has negotiated around the big peg, start adding the remaining pegs as you continue to feed the wire around each peg.

This is the part where you might forget to keep that big peg down. Also ensure all the wire is flat against the jig.

I used jeweler's bronze for the above pictures because it was a better contrast against the metal jig. Here is what the finished project looks like in sterling silver with a double wire wrapped 8 mm hematite bead as the decoration.  I used half-hard wire and hammered it lightly with my plastic hammer to work harden it a little.

The tie chain has to be be slipped over the tie before it is knotted and worn. It won't fall out - it stops at the widest part of the tie. Then place the widest part of the jigged section you just made over the nearest button and slip it down to the narrow part.

Make sure you close the outer loops well. Otherwise the chain will slip. I think I will do extra wire wrapping next time.

If you don't have a jig or struggle with using one, try customizing a tie clip instead - which you can wire wrap, solder or even glue whatever you want.

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