When we visited our good friends Anne and Andy in England back in the summer, I brought them handmade gifts.They were both, fortunately for me, delighted with their gifts. Making a gemstone pendant necklace for Anne was easy but I must confess, I could only come up with a gemstone key chain charm for Andy. The donut is aventurine and the center bead is a carnelian. He was so intrigued with the short length of chain maille, he even had a go at learning the craft. Yes,  I travel with my chain maille kit!
After we returned, Andy sent me the above picture. He decided to reattach it to his PDA . Andy commutes to work by subway and by bike so the charm was made over to become a grab point. It provides him with a useful cue as to which way to hold it when fumbling in his backpack. Now, isn't that a neat idea?

Beader design #:572

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