Joyce's giveaway was a huge success. A record number of entries from fans who hope to win either her jewelry or something from her supplies. And who wouldn't given her generosity, unique collection of cute charms and supplies and her aesthetic jewelry style? Shown here are some of the jewelry and supplies people singled out as their favorites. Joyce- are you taking notes?

There were 8 tweets and well over 100 comments with some entries as late as just a few hours before the giveaway closed. Thanks to all of you who took the time to check out her stores and who left thoughtful comments. A few even indicated the URL of the piece they liked. Guess what? The dragon pendant is really unisex as it has garnered some female fans. The tattoo, too! Some loved it all - one said, "I hearted everything" and another declared she would need days to choose and then some.

Cranky pants has company now as I was delighted with some of the unusual online names I discovered for the first time - Little Dead Mommy, The Lost Earring, The Happy Wife, Deb2CheekyMonkeys, Dreaming away, AuburnNotRed, Tastyfake, Wearehappy and InsanityKim!

So who won this fabulous giveaway? Just perfect timing for Christmas too? picked #115. Allowing for the extra entries some people earned, the winner is Anne J!! Congratulations! You have one week to claim your prize.

Are you a secret lurker who has a jewelry store or supply store? Want more exposure? Then contact me asap if you are interested in doing a giveaway on The Beading Gem's Journal!

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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